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Resistance to change by employees is the most commonly cited reason for business project cost overruns and failure. Change Management and Process Adoption is the process of facilitating and accelerating major business initiatives within an organization. This process specifically targets the root causes of resistance and provides the necessary strategies and tools needed to communicate and achieve employee acceptance. Companies that implement effective Change Management can dramatically reduce implementation costs and achieve a rapid return on investment.

G & G Consulting’s Change Management services build solution-driven roadmaps that assist companies in defining, formulating, and executing strategic programs that help energize and motivate people to understand, accept, and take ownership of change. Our Change Management team delivers a full range of services, including:

  • Strategy Development - To actively engage senior management and other key stakeholders.
  • Scope Assessment - To identify those impacted by strategic change.
  • Change Impact Analysis - A change readiness survey of impacted users.
  • Change Impact Matrix - To identify those directly affected and identify specific action plans needed to mitigate any negative residual ramifications
  • Transformation Plan - To propose a set of activities to address employee acceptance and readiness for change.
  • Communication Strategy - To ensure that a clear and consistent voice emanates throughout the change initiative.
  • Communication Plan - To target the key messages that will be delivered to audience groups at critical times.
  • Team Development - To align and enable individuals in teams or on projects to achieve business goals and objectives.
  • Organizational Effectiveness - To facilitate workshops that develop processes, organizational structures, and responsibilities.

G & G Consulting provides clients with creative solutions that focus on identifying, mitigating, and communicating how any business transformation initiative will impact and affect the people, processes, and organization. In addition, Change Management addresses performance, attitude, and behavioral issues, while helping end users overcome their resistance to change.

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